Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you secure your «own little square»?

A visitor of the monastery should approach the monastery by feet on the main street crossing the village. He will witness a breathtaking experience. The view to the magnificent conventual’s compound is given free not before his last steps. The view opens in front of the spectator in a dramatic and unexpected way. The place and the monastery-front seem to appear in large-scale from nowhere. After St. Peter’s at Rome the square of the Kloster Einsiedeln is the second largest integral church place in Europe.

The Abbey of Einsiedeln is tied to Swiss and European History and belongs to today’s internationally most renowned cultural assets. This is applies equally for the abbey place and the abbey court.

The monastery and peripheral parts of it (abbey library, Great Hall and other) have undergone renovation with the help of many donators and generous sponsors, or are currently in renovation (Marstall). With the renovation of the monastery place and the abbey court already new burden emerge for the convent and its community. Both places look today partially run down and face considerable civil engineering problems. They don’t meet with today’s standards for pilgrims, guests and visitors (i.e. handicapped entrance)

As a result of the engineering expertise there is an imminent demand for renovation. The inadequate anchorage of the ground is causing sedation and abridgement. The construction substance of the arcades and its shops is threatened to take harm and the statues on the balustrades and the pavilion-roof had already to be removed for security reasons. Due to deficient civil anchorage the upper part of the place shifts towards the back of the arcades and the lower part.

A first estimate taking into consideration the technical condition of the parts and the adequate measurements resulted in investment needs of CHF 8 million.

These investment needs include all renovation measurements (new pavement of the monastery and abbey place, correction of the compound, complete renovation of the arcades and erection of the balustrade and its 34 statues.

It must be our devotion to save this unique conventual’s compound for Switzerland and Europe for future generations and to assure the square gets the complexion that is in accordance with the impressive abbey.

To achieve this goal the foundation “pro Kloster Einsiedeln” and the “Verein der Freunde des Klosters Einsiedeln” agreed to give priority to the renovation of the place for the next years.

The friends of Kloster Einsiedeln hold the Patronage of the project „your own little monastery square”. Partners are Crealogix (web solutions, link) and Schwyzer Kantonalbank (banking partner, link)

What do you receive with your «own little square»?

With the subscription to your „ own little square” you make sure this unique cultural asset will be handed over to future generations.

You will be listed on the website as sponsor of your “own little square” (anonymous listing possible). The location of your “own little square” that you have chosen is exactly assigned, attributed to your name, and retrievable any time. Supplementary a document that states the location of your „own little square” and the amount of your contribution will be provided. A terminal centrally positioned (probably the monastery shop) close to the arcades shows the sectioning of the place and allows the visitor to locate his “own little square” and to retrieve it in reality on the compound.

The equivalent to a virtual piece of the square is an area that measures 0.75 m2.

Each “own little square” will only be assigned once and is therefore attributed to a single sponsor. Sponsor and /or the location of the “own little square” can be retrieved easily using the search function on the Website (option of anonymous listing possible).

Upon completion of the reconstruction the sponsors will be invited to a solemn inauguration ceremony. At this occasion a document bearing the sponsors names, that implies also yours, will be lowered into the square at a distinct location.

This assures all sponsors are not only remembered in the virtual but in real world.

How much does your «own little square» cost?

The monastery place is sectioned into four areas: the area starting at the monastery with the path to the “Marienbrunnen”, the area between the arcades and the “Marienbrunnen” , the two lateral areas and and the arcade vaults. When you move the mouse or the cursor to an area, the price of this area will be shown on a label.

The price for the “own little square”:

  • Area in front of the monastery with the doorway to the “Marienbrunnen”: 800 CHF / unit
  • Area between the arcades and the “Marienbrunnen”: 400 CHF / unit
  • Area on top of roofs 200 CHF / unit
  • Lateral areas: 100 CHF / unit
  • Piece of an arcade vault:  2000 CHF / unit

The equivalent to a virtual piece of the square is an area that measures 0.75 m2 or a piece of an arcade vault.

Will the contribution to your «own little square» be tax-exempt?

In Switzerland your donation is exempted from tax. (Abroad refer to your national tax regulations.) The confirmation of your donation includes a document for tax authorities, to provide you with tax exemption. Will the contribution to your “own little square” be tax-exempt? The confirmation of your donation includes a document to confirm your donation.

The Foundation pro Kloster Einsiedeln is a tax-exempt foundation accredited by the canton Schwyz. Your donation is subject to taxation, according Swiss cantonal law, though it will be tax-exempt in most cantons. Abroad refer to your national tax regulations.

Disclaimer to your «own little square»

The payment of an amount to cover the reconstruction of the monastery place, does not assert any demands or property rights respecting the monastery place. Your „own little square” is a virtual construct, which is documented on the website for the next years. The equivalent to a virtual piece of the square is an area that measures 0.75 m2. Payments in exchange of virtual pieces of the monastery place go exclusively to the renovation of the monastery place and the abbey court.


Secure your own piece of the monastery square