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Secure your own piece of the monastery square

With the subscription to your „own little square” you make sure this unique cultural asset will be handed over to future generations. It must be our devotion to save this unique conventual’s compound for Switzerland and Europe for future generations and to assure the square gets the complexion that is in accordance with the impressive abbey.

Reconstruction Work

an engraved stone is put into the ground

the new "Abteihof"

anchors are drilled into the back wall of the north Arcade

Father Martin had a very concrete vision. He wanted to change the square in front of the Monastery into a place “where people from all parts of the world can meet”.


Scaffold removed from top of north arcade




6. Oktober 2016


Launch of the completely revised Internet appearance of “”

3. Oktober 2015


1500 engraved stones are being placed in front of the main entrance of the Monastery

17. September 2016


Big Square event offering guided tours around the workplaces in the arcades

März 2014


Beginn Arkadenbögen-Restaurierung auf dem Klosterplatz (Dauer ca. 3 Jahre)

Ende 2013


Restaurierung Abteihoftor

4. Quartal 2013


Marienbrunnen wieder in neuer “alter” Pracht

Mitte 2012


Behinderetengerechte Wege auf dem Abteihof

Ende 2011


Abteihof komplett renoviert

April 2010


Grundsteinlegung durch Abt Martin Werlen am Montag 26. April 2010