Termini e condizioni

1) Services on the Site www.klosterplatz.com are offered from the Foundation for the Monasteries of Einsiedeln and Fahr in cooperation with the “Association of Friends of Einsiedeln Abbey” and Schwyzer Cantonal Bank.

2) A subscription to “own little square” includes a listing and can be retrieved using the search function. It is possible to make the donation anonymous. The Position of your „ own little square” can be selected out of the available pieces. The purchase of multiple non adjacent pieces needs subscription to every single piece. The release for an entry in a list has no timely restriction. A minimum term of three years is guaranteed. Individual colour or a picture can not be attributed to your “own monastery square”.

3) Per listing the chosen amount of units will be charged (Units to 100 CHF / 200 CHF / 400 CHF / 800 CHF, according to the location). Once the payment is settled the submitted content will be probed and clearance given. Subscriptions to your “own little square”, which remain unpaid, will be cancelled automatically. If the purchase has to be refused, due the criteria listed under 5) the donation will not be reimbursed. Donators get a document that states the exact position of virtually purchased “own pieces of square” and a receipt for tax exemption. The transaction is virtually and does not imply a purchase of property.

4) The payment accomplishes the acquirement of an “own piece of square” and is not revocable. Requests for alterations of donator’s Address and other data can be submitted within a year.

5) Web-Pages of the subsequent content will not be hosted at www.klosterplatz.com:
a. Racist, discriminating or political radical content.
b. Content, violating common law.
c. Web-pages offering services, that violate common law.
d. Web-pages exalting violence.
e. Web-pages of erotic content
The donator assumes responsibility, in the case of submittting a change request, not to add Web-pages of the above list to his listing.

6) Liability for failure of third party, “force majeure” or interrupt of provider services is repudiated.

7) Data entries of the donator can be removed by the operator, in case of failure to comply with the above published standards.

8) Personal data submitted for subscription will be stored electronically. Data and operation is subject of confidentiality, and not handed over to a third party. Data assigned to publish, will be made public on www.klosterplatz.com. Data is in no form accessible to third party.

Si assicuri una porzione del piazzale del monastero